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TableWindow Class Reference

Window for viewing, handling and editing the data array. More...

#include <tablewindow.h>

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void nzChanged (int)
void sliceChanged (int)

Public Member Functions

void refresh ()
 Refresh table with new data values.
void setVar (mglVar *v)
 TableWindow (QWidget *parent=0)

Private Slots

void addto ()
void byformula ()
void copy ()
void create ()
void crop ()
void cumsum ()
void diff ()
void diff2 ()
void divto ()
void exprt ()
void first ()
void gosl ()
void hist ()
void imprt ()
void inrange ()
void integr ()
void last ()
void list ()
void load ()
void maxof ()
void minof ()
void mirror ()
void momentx ()
void momenty ()
void momentz ()
void multo ()
void next ()
void norm ()
void normsl ()
void paste ()
void plot ()
void prev ()
void putValue (int r, int c)
void rearrange ()
void resize ()
void save ()
void setSlice (int k)
void smooth ()
void squize ()
void subto ()
void sumof ()
void swap ()
void transp ()

Private Member Functions

void makeMenu ()
bool namesDialog (const QString &cap, const QString &lab, QString &name, QString &val)
bool sizesDialog (const QString &cap, const QString &lab, const QString &desc1, const QString &desc2, const QString &desc3, QString &val1, QString &val2, QString &val3)

Private Attributes

 Data preview and information.
int kz
 Current z-slice.
int nx
int ny
int nz
 Data sizes.
bool ready
 Data is refreshed.
QSpinBox * sb
 SpinBox for selecting slice.
QTableWidget * tab
 Table itself.
mglVar * var
 Variable with data.

Detailed Description

Window for viewing, handling and editing the data array.

Definition at line 30 of file tablewindow.h.

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