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ScriptWindow Class Reference

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Public Slots

void editPosChanged ()
void refresh ()
 refresh list of variables
void setEditorFont (QFont *f=0)
void setEditPos (bool bottom)
void setMGLFont (QString path)


void gotoLine (int n, int i)

Public Member Functions

void load (const QString &fileName, bool noNewWnd=false)
 ScriptWindow (QWidget *wp=0)
void writeSettings ()

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)

Private Slots

void about ()
void aboutQt ()
void addOptions ()
void addSetup ()
void addStyle ()
void adjust ()
void animPutText (const QString &)
void animSetup ()
void animStart (bool st)
void choose ()
void delAllData ()
void delData ()
void editData (int n=-1)
void find ()
bool findText (const QString &str="", bool cs=false, bool fw=true)
void infoData ()
void messClicked ()
void newDoc ()
void newTable ()
void nextSlide ()
void openRecentFile ()
void pressF5 ()
void prevSlide ()
void printPlot ()
void printText ()
void properties ()
void replText (const QString &str, const QString &txt, bool cs=false, bool fw=true)
void save ()
void saveAs ()
void setAsterix ()
void setCursorPosition (int, int)
void showHelp ()
void tableClicked (int row, int col)
void warnChanged ()

Private Member Functions

void animParseText ()
void loadHDF5 (const QString &fileName)
void makeMenu ()
void readSettings ()
void saveHDF5 (const QString &fileName)
void setCurrentFile (const QString &fileName)
QTabWidget * setupInfo (QWidget *par)
void updateRecent ()
void updateRecentFileItems ()

Private Attributes

QAction * ainfo
QString animParam
int animPos
QTextEdit * edit
QMenu * fileMenu
QString filename
QString gifName
bool gifOn
QTabWidget * info
 Data preview and information.
bool jpgOn
QTextEdit * mess
 messages and warnings
QSpinBox * phi
QMenu * popup
QPrinter * printer
QSplitter * split
QSplitter * splitG
QScrollArea * sv
QTableWidget * tab
QSpinBox * tet
QTimer * timer

Static Private Attributes

static int num_wnd = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file scriptwindow.h.

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